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MT-753 Bravo Series
General info

MT-753 Bravo Series

General Info


Off-road enthusiasts will enjoy the MT-753. Aggressively patterned for rugged durability, the MT-753 is the perfect choice for drivers who take their vehicles off the beaten path. The MT-753 is specifically designed to maximize traction and provide stability off-road.

  • Double steel-belted construction for long-lasting wear and uniformity
  • Jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap for added strength and stability
  • Special tread design delivers excellent traction in both on and off-road terrain
  • Open shoulder lugs provide exceptional self-cleaning capability
  • Premium rubber compound and heavy duty construction give excellent durability and strength
  • Attractive rugged appearance available in outline white letters or black serrated letters


Part NumberSizeService DescriptionSide WallOverall Diameter (inches)Section Width (inches)Max PsiMax Load (lbs)Rim Width RangeTread Depth (inches)
TL15705000205/75R1598Q 6OWL27.28.2501,655 /5.50/16/32
TL15902000215/75R15100M 6OWL27.88.7501,765 /6.00/16/32
TL16003000235/75R15104M 6OWL299.3501,985 /6.50/17/32
TL30169600215/85R16115Q 10BSW30.48.8802,680 /6.00/17/32
TL30184000235/85R16120Q 10BSW31.79.6803,042 /6.50/17/32
TL30194000245/75R16120Q 10OWL30.69.8803,042 /7.00/17/32
TL30214000265/75R16112S 6OWL31.810.8502,470 /7.50/17/32
TL30215000265/75R16119Q 8OWL31.810.8653,000 /7.50/17/32
TL30215500265/75R16123M 10OWL31.710.8803,415 /7.50/17/32
TL30263000285/75R16116Q 6OWL3311.7502,755 /8.00/17/32
TL30264000285/75R16122M 8OWL32.911.7653,305 /8.00/17/32
TL30301000315/75R16121Q 8OWL34.612.8503,195 /8.50/18/32
TL37301000265/70R17118Q 8OWL31.810.8652,910 /8.00/18/32
TL37502000305/70R17119N 8OWL3412.4503,000 /9.00/18/32
TL1852200030X9.50R15104S 6OWL29.39.8501,990 /7.50/17/32
TL1853400031X10.50R15109S 6OWL30.310.9502,271 /8.50/18/32
TL1855400032X11.50R15113S 6OWL31.311.7502,530 /9.00/18/32
TL12429200185R14102R 8BSW25.57.4651,875 /5.50/16/32
TL12456800195R14106R 8BSW26.17.8652,090 /5.50/17/32
TL22203000205R16110Q 8OWL28.98.4652,337 /6.00/17/32

Models and sizes may be limited by market.